Arriving at St Kitts airport the easy way

St Kitts Robert L Bradshaw international airport – Arrivals

St Kitts airport arrivals

Airport Overview

There are no Jet bridges in St Kitts Airport, you descend the airplane steps and walk around the edge of the runway to reach the arrivals hall.
Enjoy the great view of the hills and the ocean as you walk to the arrivals hall.
The St Kitts Robert L Bradshaw international airport reflects the atmosphere and culture of our island. It is compact, easy to navigate and arriving is usually a pleasant and strightforward experience, especially if you take note of our advice and tips.
Please do not wear any clothing or carry any bag with a camouflage pattern. All camouflage items are illegal in St Kitts except for defense force personnel.

Arriving at St Kitts airport

Arrivals, Customs and Immigration procedure

As you enter the air conditioned arrivals hall you will be asked if you have completed your online customs and immigration form, if you have not, then you will be directed to a seperate area where you will need to complete this form, online, on your own device using the airport free wifi.
We strongly advise you complete the online St Kitts Customs and Immigration Form before leaving home. It can be completed at any time and it speeds up your arrival process. One form per family group is required, you can then print it out or store it on your mobile device.
After your passport and immigration check descend to the lower level where you will find the baggage hall. There are toilets / bathrooms in the baggage hall but no other facilities. The distance from the luggage conveyor to the exit is so short that no luggage carts are available, however there will be porters available to you if you need help.

View at St Kitts airport

Collecting Luggage and exiting the airport

Luggage in hand (or with one of our porters) you walk past the customs officers showing them your St Kitts Customs and Immigration form and just a few steps takes you through the exit door.
The St Kitts airport sits on an elevated site so take a moment to appreciate the view of the Caribbean Sea , your vacation has started and from this point on, you are a guest on our island so remember when in St Kitts we “rush slowly”

CS Taxis and Tours driver outside St Kitts airport

Transportation options from St Kitts Robert L Bradshaw airport

There is no public transportation from St Kitts airport, unless you have a pre booked transfer arrangement you will need to join the line for a taxi. There are no equivalents to Uber or Lyft in St Kitts.
If you have booked a rental car and are being met, you will find your driver just outside. If you are just collecting a car at the airport then the car rental area is just across the road in the car park. Please note there are no opportunities to rent a car at the airport, all rentals must be pre-booked before arriving on the island.

Your drivers and transport

Pre booking your airport transfer from St Kitts airport

If you wish to avoid the taxi wait and enjoy a stress free journey to your resort we offer St Kitts airport transfers to anywhere on the island, also, onwards to our sister island of Nevis. Our airport transfers are fixed price, reliable and available for any size of group. We accept US dollars, EC dollars and Mastercard or Visa.
You can book your airport transfer here.

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